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Annie Baker starting working full-time as a Realtor in 2003, but it wasn't until 2010 that opened Annie's eyes to a new side of real estate that she was passionate about. She was hired by her first "Senior" client, a lovely 81 yr old woman named Lillian. She needed to downsize from a 4,000sq ft custom house to a 500sq ft apartment in an independent living community. Talk about emotional and so many aspects she needed to help Lillian with. Annie quickly realized there were so many businesses focused on helping different aspects of this niche: Senior Move Managers, Senior Placement Advisors, Estate sale companies and more. What she also realized was, finding companies with integrity was critical as elder abuse is rampant! Annie wanted to specialize in this niche and wanted the right team in place to serve her clients exceptionally. 

An additional aspect to the emotional stress during these kinds of move is the financial stress. Families are frequently house rich, but cash poor in the Bay Area. Annie wanted to help manage that aspect as part of the process to make things go as smoothly as possible!

In 2014, Next Chapter became official. The right team was in place, all organized as the one point of contact to help!

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inherited properties with multiple siblings involved
  • Inherited properties with multiple siblings with 1 sibling who has lived in the house with the parents most of their life and doesn't want to move
  • A friend/neighbor having to sell a deceased friend’s house and deal with emptying it.
  • Moving a parent into memory care/Assisted living before selling
  • Emptying out a house when adult children live out of the area and need hands and feet on the ground to get the house ready for sale
  • Facilitating Estate Sales
  • Facilitating Item removal
  • Facilitating Item donation
  • Facilitating painters, carpet installers, handymen for house updating before selling
  • Communicating with Attorneys and CPA's
  • Working with Fiduciaries
  • Managing Probate Sales (court approval or not)
  • Staging the house for sale
  • And Much more!!

Annie F. Baker

Executive Director - Realtor | License #01831701
Team members

Meet the team

Our team consists of Two Realtors, A Senior Move Manager, Two Sales Representatives, A Transaction Coordinator ​ We are growing and will add additional fantastic team members as we go. ​ We all look forward to helping you!

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