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Homeownership is often a dream come true. However, as you grow older, your needs commonly change. Maybe it’s time to downsize to reduce your housing burden. Perhaps you want to leave the real estate market behind and transition into a rental, 55+ community, assisted living facility, or family member’s home.

Regardless of the reason, after enjoying many years of homeownership, it’s common for seniors and retirees to realize that their current home is no longer a great fit. Fortunately, moving on to your new dream is often far easier than expected.

With a senior real estate specialist® (SRES®) by your side, you can easily navigate the real estate market. Plus, you’ll get far more support, ensuring everything about your transition runs smoothly.


What Is SRES?

SRES, a Senior Real Estate Specialist,  is an official designation available only to Realtors®, showcasing specific capabilities. They offer far more than typical real estate services in their area. Instead, they’ve undergone specialized training that allows them to guide clients age 50+ as they navigate the market and a critical life transition.

How Is a Senior Real Estate Specialist Different From a Normal Real Estate Agent?

The real estate market is often daunting at any age, but it can be particularly stressful for older adults. Plus, many senior moves involve more than simply moving into a new home. The decision may be spurred by challenging situations, such as shifts in your health, the passing of a spouse, or struggles relating to your own care.

By partnering with an SRES, you’ll have a compassionate partner who can help you move forward, reducing stress by offering critical support. Unlike a normal real estate agent, senior real estate specialists understand the unique hurdles retirees and older adults face, allowing them to proactively manage the situation.

Additionally, selling real estate in Los Gatos, CA, comes with financial implications that are particularly complex for seniors. There are taxes to consider and the complexities of reviewing purchase offers, closing documents, and other sale-related financial and legal forms. This is another area where a senior real estate specialist shines, as they’re well-versed in the financial intricacies relevant to older adults.

Plus, an SRES has an in-depth understanding of all the real estate options in Los Gatos, CA, often far beyond a typical real estate agent. They know the ins and outs of area 55+ communities, assisted living options, and more, allowing them to point seniors in the right direction when it’s time to move.

Finally, a senior real estate specialist can coordinate with your senior move manager with ease. That ensures that every aspect of your transition is well-covered, streamlining the entire process.

Who Should Use an SRES?

Anyone over the age of 50 can benefit from an SRES. Your needs differ from first-time homebuyers and sellers, so you want a real estate agent who considers your unique needs and preferences.

Plus, a senior real estate specialist is your best fit if you want extra support while navigating this critical life transition. They’ll have insights about managing the financial aspects in a way that benefits you, all while simplifying as much as possible to reduce stress.

Our Real Estate Services

Conservatorship, Trust & Probate

Conservatorship, trust, and probate can make sales more complex. Fortunately, the Next Chapter Real Estate team understands how to navigate these processes. With our conservatorship, trust & probate services, you can move forward quickly and efficiently.

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Estate Planning

At Next Chapter Real Estate, we understand that older adults want to control the destiny of their assets. That’s why we aim to simplify the real estate part of the equation. Plus, we offer guidance on a range of relevant topics, ensuring you and your loved ones can make wiser choices about the future of their assets.

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Homes for Sale

Whether you’re ready to sell your home, are interested in finding a new property, or both, our real estate team is ready to provide you with support. You can peruse our listings online to learn more about available properties. If you’re ready to sell, you can contact our team to learn more about our process, including those available through one of our SRES Realtors.

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If you believe an SRES is right for you or your family, the Next Chapter Real Estate team is ready to assist with all of your needs. Whether you need to sell real estate in Los Gatos, CA, are interested in downsizing to a smaller home, or both, our team is here to make the process easy.

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