Books by Annie F. Baker

Books by Annie F. Baker

It is our ongoing mission to help educate and be a resource for individuals and their families as people age. These are some books I've published and are available to purchase through Amazon.

Next Chapter Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing an aging parent and selling an inherited property. 

Bestselling book on Amazon on how to help care for an aging parent or loved one when it’s time for them to downsize their house or move into assisted living. Additionally, when it’s time to sell an inherited property, this book guides you every step of the way. 

Here is a workbook that EVERYONE should have! It is all the practical information your loved one would need if you become incapacitated or you pass away.

You fill in information such as:

  • What bills are on autopay?
  • Who do you pay your rent or mortgage to?
  • What bank(s) do you have accounts with? What are the account numbers?
  • Who is your investment advisor? Doctor(s)? Attorney?
  • What medicine do you take?
  • Who would you want contacted if anything should happen to you?
  • And more…





Next Chapter Planning (Feminine Cover)






Next Chapter Planning (Masculine Cover)


For those of you with a sense of humor:






God Don’t Want Me Yet, But When He Does, I’ll Be Prepared





The Devil Don’t Want Me Yet, But When He Does, I’ll Be Prepared