Frequently asked question

Anyone who is needing to sell a house full of belongings, maybe needs help relocating and needs help with all the steps to make it happen!

We can handle every aspect. If someone is still living in the house and needs to move just some belongings to a smaller place, we can help organize, pack, move and set-up in the new location. We then handle the estate sale of items left behind, donate items, sell items on ebay to get a higher return, haul anything left behind and prep the house for sale (painting/changing light fixtures/carpet/flooring etc if need be). We can manage every step, communicate with you along the way, but do the brunt of the work so you don’t have to.  Then we market and list the house for sale to earn you top dollar.

Absolutely. We have Senior Placement Advisors who can start the process and help find the best place for your loved one to move to depending on needs, price and amenities if you need. Once you know where they are moving to, we can facilitate the organizing of what they will be taking with them, pack it up, and unpack in the new location! Then we take all the steps needed to sell the house for top dollar after the house is emptied.

We follow your lead. Do you need us to organize the estate sale, sell items on ebay, item donation, item removal etc? Or is the house empty, but you need some help prepping the house for sale first? We can paint, change out flooring, change light fixtures, do some landscaping or whatever you need to do to feel good about getting the house listed on the market for sale. Then we sell it for you.

Yes, we can and have experience with this. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. One sibling was living in the house helping care for the aging parent and feels entitled to stay living in the house after the parents pass. We can help. We are excellent mediators (unofficially) and know what language to use compassionately to help the sibling see they need to move. If that doesn’t work, we work with Attorney’s to create scenarios that will financially affect the sibling and make them understand they need to move out.

Yes, we treat that the same as if they were moving to Assisted Living/Memory Care community. We can help organize them before the move, pack and unpack them. If the family member is out of town, we do the work at this end, then have referral partners who can unpack in the new location if needed. Then we do anything you need help with to get the house ready for sale including estates sales etc. then sell the house.

Every situation is different. Every client can pick and choose the services they need like an a la carte menu, except selling the house. We only provide the other steps in conjunction with the house sale. If funds are tight until the house sells, we can cover costs upfront and be reimbursed at the closing of the house sale so you don’t have to be financially stressed. Our rates for each service are very competitive and our focus is helping with integrity, not gouging clients financially during a very stressful time.

We can help with both! We have plenty of experience helping clients buy a house so this is no different. When we help you sell and buy, the process can be seamless with minimal stress as we handle both timelines.

Yes, we can help you organize before the move, prep the house for sale, and Sell the house. We also have an extensive network of Realtors we trust that we can refer you to in other areas of California and out of state. Whether we refer you to a Realtor in the other area or you already have one, we will work with that Realtor to coordinate the timeline of the two moves so the transition is smooth!

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