Are you beginning to feel as if you are living in a home with too much empty space? Are you finding it more difficult to endure the flights of stairs that connect each floor? Has the yard become a field of weeds and dandelions? We understand your frustrations! We also know how difficult it can be to make a change. You’ve worked your whole life to own your home and your belongings, and it can be dreadful to contemplate leaving it all behind.

But that’s just it: you don’t have to abandon anything that truly matters. We call the process “downsizing,” and with help from Next Chapter Real Estate, downsizing your home is easier than it sounds.

What Does “Downsizing” Mean for Seniors?

Are you familiar with the phrase: “less is more”? Simplicity is an oft-neglected facet of life that can mean a lot for seniors. There are few things more important than your physical and emotional health; we can help you downsize your home and prepare you to live in a smaller but more manageable and safe living environment. Even if you’ve struggled to find a suitable home or condominium to move into, we can aid in your search!

Next Chapter Real Estate can help you discover a more peaceful and secure retirement without sacrificing the things that make life worth living.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • We have a team of compassionate and dedicated movers that can help you sort, pack, and move your belongings to your new residence.
  • Our team can deliver unwanted items to donation services such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • We can clean up and throw away garbage for local disposal and otherwise liquidate the things you no longer need, such as old furniture, clothing, and more.
  • We can help you unpack and get settled in your new living space.
  • Our agents can then prepare your home for listing, so you get top-dollar for the home you love

Additional services we offer include small upgrades and maintenance for your old home, such as fresh interior painting, new light fixtures, renovating or rolling out new flooring, landscaping, deep cleaning, and more. We can even help demo your home to prospective buyers once your home is ready and listed. From beginning to end, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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Compassionate Care Is Our Focus

We are all too aware of the fears inherent in making such a drastic lifestyle change. And that’s nothing to speak of the thought of failing to sell your home by a deadline, no matter how realistic your anxieties of homelessness may truly be. We make this specific promise to every client we serve: we will do everything in our power to provide a solution that best fits your circumstances and timeframe. 

Look at it this way: you love your home and everything it means to you and your family. But when your home doesn’t love you back, it might be time to make a change. Downsizing can help you find a better fit for your level of mobility, reduce the cost of utilities like air conditioning, and even free up all the time you would be spending with housework and yard work. Imagine what you’ll be able to do and enjoy without the daily frustrations of maintaining and caring for a home that doesn’t love you in return!


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